How to smile confidently?

Smile is the best medicine in the world.

And it is free of cost, doesn’t cost a single penny.

Smiling boosts our mood and makes us happier. Psychologists have found that even a fake smile can instantly lift our spirits.


Smiling increases our face value. When we smile, we look attractive. People love to be around people who look happy. This expands our social circle and makes us likeable.

Smile is contagious. When we smile we pass positive vibes to others and thus spread smiles. A smile creates an environment of positivity.

Smiling has many health benefits. It elevates the production of feel-good hormones. It boosts our immunity and lowers our blood pressure.

To enhance one’s look, one must practice smiling regularly and with confidence. Here are a few tips to smile confidently.

Don’t shy away: If you are happy and want to smile, just smile without any thoughts. Don’t shy away from showing your smile. Even when you are at work, smile often. This would create a positive environment.

Be effortless: Smile naturally and from your heart. It should look effortless. When you see your old photographs or read old chats with your friends, you go down memory lane and recall your happy moments, that time your smile is so natural. Smile that easy, often. You don’t need to give extra effort.

Practice smiling: Yes, you heard it right. Like everything, a good smile needs practice. If you don’t have a habit of smiling, practice in front of a mirror. You can take selfies with smiling faces. This would help you to find your best smile-induced facial expression.

Treat it as a job: Just like eating & sleeping, treat smiling as a regular task. It must be a part of your daily routine. Start your day with a big smile. When you are with your family, smile with your family members. When you talk to your friends, smile at them. When you are at work, greet everyone with a smiling face. When you call someone, speak in a smiling and happy tone. When you go to sleep, end your day with a positive note.

Think Positive: When you think positive, the smile comes naturally on your face. Be grateful and appreciate life. Take out some time from your busy schedule and read something positive, watch something positive. This would make you smile.

Do your favourite activities: Smile is a sign of happiness. When you do something that makes you happy, smile will automatically come to your face. Go shopping, listen to your favourite music, sing, dance or watch your favourite shows. These activities would make you smile without any extra effort.

Pay attention to your oral hygiene: With good oral hygiene, you will never hide your smile. When you have discoloured, misaligned teeth, you become extra cautious and avoid smiling. So regular oral care is essential to smiles confidently.

Follow these tips and smile with confidence!

Love your smile, keep smiling and stay happy!



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