6 ways to make your online classes interesting


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the mode of education. Online class is the new normal.  Both students and teachers are trying to cope with this new normal.  If you are a teacher and want to make your class interesting and engaging, you have come to the right place.

We are here with some amazing tips. Take a look.

Greet with a smile: Smile is the most powerful tool. Greet your students with a big smile on your face. It would help you to make an instant connection with the students at the beginning of your class.

Be energetic and happy: Positive energy creates a happy environment which is much needed for online class. During the class, don’t be so serious. Keep a smile on your face and look happy. This would make a positive impact on the students. They will feel welcomed and happy.

Add humor and fun in the class: Add some extra fun in the class. Play some contests or games. After finishing your lesson, you can conduct a quiz contest. You can play some interesting games like word puzzle/ sentence completion. They will not be distracted. This way, they will retain more information.

Remind attendees to smile: Remind them to smile. This would lift their moods and they will be focused throughout the class.

Let attendees do physical activities: Give them opportunities to participate physically through engagement activities. Ask questions and tell them to raise their hands if they know the right answer. This would keep them engaged.

Introduce some interesting icebreakers: Don’t be afraid of trying different icebreakers.  Invest some time to know more about them. At the end of the class, dedicate some time for students where they can showcase their talents. They can sing, recite, do mimicry etc. This way, you will understand their hidden talents/special skills. This would make the classes more interesting and enjoyable.

Follow these tips and make your online class interesting. Happy teaching!

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