About BFFS Program

BFFS Programs are carefully designed using following intervention

BFFS Training Programs are designed to empower people with the safe,natural & science based methods to break free from stress


Duration of Programs

BFFS Flagship Programs

Other Industry Specific Programs

We have a pool of certified and experienced Corporate Trainers to design & deliver it

1.Induction Level

2.Campus to Corporate

3.First time Managers Training

4.Leadership Training

5.Goal Setting

6.Time Management

7.Getting Things Done

8.Communication Skills

9.Interpersonal Relationships

10.Change Management

11.Creative Thinking

12.Decision Making & Problem Solving

13.Team Building

14.Customer Centricity


15.Sales Training

16.Diversity & Inclusion

17.POSH at workplace

18.Public Speaking

19.Presentation Skills

20.Life Coaching