Break Free From Stress Training Solutions

(Registered MSME with Government of India)

Offers Unique Training Programs to elevate the Happiness Quotient of the Human Capital for enhancing 3 P’s (Performance, Productivity and Positivity) at workplace.

Why Break Free From Stress Program?

  • Work related stress is at its all time high: American Institute of Stress
  • 89% of India’s population suffering from stress; most don’t feel comfortable talking to medical professionals: Cigna TTK Health Insurance
  • An absolute of 15.4 million working days have been lost due to work related stress: Labour Force Survey
  • It Costs the global economy nearly $1 trillion, every year: World HealthOrganisation

About BFFS Training Programs

  • BFFS Training programs are supported by science and inspired by life to provide the best learning experience for elevating the Happiness Quotient
  • The program is designed to provide holistic learning experience
  • It is the most practical program on stress management
  • It aims to empower people with the safe, natural and science-based methods to break free from stress
  • The participants get a lot of takeaways that can be easily blended in their life for instant results


Benefit to Organisation

– Strong company culture

– Positive work environment

– Less Absenteeism

– Decreased employee turnover

– Increased productivity

– Better interpersonal relationships


Benefit to Employees

– Reduced Stress

– Enhanced Self – esteem

– Improved health & wellness

– Increased job satisfaction

– Higher self motivation

– Improved self – management


Happy People,

Happy Work Environment,

Happy Organisations,

Happy Society!


CA Poonam Madaan

Founder, CEO & Master Trainer

Poonam is a seasoned professional with almost 2 decades of diverse experience in corporate, education and training environments.

She started her career as a Chartered Accountant, worked for Honda Cars & DCM Shriram. After 6 years of industry exposure, she moved on to fulfil a bigger purpose. She founded BFFS with a mission to spread joy.

With a mix of corporate, education and training experience, she is capable to comprehend the client’s training requirements and design customised programs, resulting in highly positive feedback.

She has empowered more than 3000 people and enabled positive transformation in them. She has a great sense of humor, is an exceptional story teller, spiritually intelligent and effective communicator. Her empathetic persuasive nature inspires people towards self-introspection and ignites the spark for positive transformation.

Her Certifications:

• Certified NLP Master Practitioner

• Certified CBT Practitioner

• Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

• Certified Energy Healer

• TA 101 Certified

• Unleash the Power Within Graduate (by Tony Robbins)

Member of Organisations:

  • General Management & Communication Skills Faculty with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI)
  • Alumni of Indian Academy of Training & Development (IATD)
  • Council member of Life skills council of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI)

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