How many of us love to hear word of appreciation from others??
Its the easiest question to answer, I guess.

Despite knowing the truth that every being on earth, including the very small kids, love to be appreciated. How many of us really do this act, to make others happy?

A very small percentage of people really feel the need to appreciate others, though they have the urge to be appreciated.

When someone appreciates, it makes us happy. Then, why can’t we appreciate and spread happiness.

Why we have to wait for some specific moments to appreciate?
Why can’t we simply appreciate, from heart?
Why we look for a reason to appreciate?

The sole reason to appreciate someone is: to make them happy. Giving happiness, is the ultimate source of getting happiness. When you see someone smiling because of you, you can’t stop yourself from smiling.

When you give happiness, you show you care.
When you acknowledge efforts, you show you notice.
When you express gratitude, you show you respect.
When you give love, you ensure you are being loved.

Let us all start developing this habit, of genuinely appreciating others. Atleast once in a day we have to appreciate someone.

Let us start from today. Just think of someone whom you can appreciate, your kids, your parents, your friends, your spouse, your mentor, your siblings, it could be anyone who has ever been a part of your life at any point of time.

Hope to see appreciation spreading everywhere..