When someone goes to doctor with an illness, the doctor diagnoses the disease by enquiring and analysing. Once the root cause of illness is identified, the medicines are targeted to cure the cause and it relieves the symptoms first and ultimately cures the disease. Patient only knows the problem that he is facing and that problem (i.e. symptoms) is solved not by focusing on the problem but on the problem beneath the problem (i.e. disease), once the root cause is diagnosed the cure becomes easy.
Same applies to all problems in this world. 
If the problem is that ‘my relation with my kids is not so good’, to find cure, identify the problem beneath, that is the root cause of it. Analyse to find the root problem. Do I try to understand what they want? Do they need some liberty? Do they need some space? Do they need support? Do I try to explain them or always order? Do I impose myself on them always?
We need to ask ourself, so many questions, to diagnose the root problem. Once the root problem is identified, start to work in the right direction to get the root problem solved. Focus on solving the root problem and ultimately the problem will be solved.
I am not able to lose weight, if this is the problem, to find cure, identify the root problem by asking questions. Do I make efforts to be fit and healthy? Do I exercise? Do I eat healthy? Do I manage my time to plan for exercise? Do I motivate myself to stick to the plans? Do I have control on my cravings? Do I visualise myself to be fit? Are my efforts enough?
Identifying the root problem, aids in curing the problem fast.
Problems can be personal or professional, related to self or to relationships. Effective solution can be achieved only when the focus is on curing the root problem. To solve the problem faster, spend some time to identify the root problem and work towards curing it.
Free your life of the problems that are not problems. Identify the root problems and focus on solving them.
…. Write your problem in the comment below, or message me personally. Let us find the root problem to find the cure faster.