Being a successful entrepreneur is a dream of many. 

Entrepreneurship is not a position, but a disposition. There are certain qualities that goes in the making of a successful entrepreneur. Let us look upon some of the essential skills required to be successful entrepreneur.
We all have heard a lot about 3 wise monkeys. Now, is the time to relook these 3 wise monkeys from the eyes of an entrepreneur. I am happy to introduce the three monkeys of the world of entrepreneurship.
Monkey 1: Open your eyes: Observer
Monkey 2: Open your ears: Listener
Monkey 3: Open your mouth: Communicator
To be a successful entrepreneur one has to acquire all these 3 qualities depicted by the 3 monkeys of the world of entrepreneurship. 
1.    Be a good Observer:
Always keep an eye on your goals. Observe things and look for all details that can help you to grow. Always look up in the sky and set a difficult benchmark for yourself. Keep checking your progress, for what you have achieved so far and at what speed. Never let your  vision fade or get blurred. Be clear about your goals and visualise yourself as an achiever. Monitor the pace of your achievements. Keep on evaluating the better ways to grow and achieve more. The hunger to grow and learn should be never ending. Be an observer, who observes even the minute details affecting the business and have a clear vision as an eagle. 
“Keep observing your own actions for self-development and observe the surroundings to identify the scope to grow.”
2.    Be a good Listener:
Always keep your ears open, opportunities may knock your door anytime. Good listeners are often the ones to respond first. Listen to others and allow them to be comfortable in sharing their thoughts. A good listener make others feel important. Listen to the ideas, feedback, complaints, reviews and suggestions. Good listeners are good learners. Listen not only to the external voices but your internal voice as well. When in doubt, listen to the voice of your soul and you will get the answer. 
“If you talk more, people may lose interest in you. But if you listen more, people will always be interested in you.”
3.    Be a good Communicator
Be aware of when, why and how to communicate, to make a mark. Good communication skills are primary to make yourself visible, to promote your business, to build your brand, to develop network, to convey your message, and what not. Communicate effectively to build strong relationships. A good communicator is a good negotiator, good sales man and great influencer.
Acquiring and developing these three primary skills will determine how rewarding your journey will be as an entrepreneur. If you think that you lack in anyone of the above skills, start investing in yourself to acquire them and be unbeatable.
About the Author:
Ms. Poonam Madaan is the founder of BFFS Training Programs and owner of the website Through BFFS training programs she trains people to acquire essential skills to break free from stress and live a joyful life. 
She is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of exposure in versatile corporate, education and training environment. She has experience in various walks of life. From being a Chartered Accountant, to faculty member, to certified trainer, to laughter yoga teacher, have added a lot of value & exposure to her career. She has inspired many people towards self-introspection and enabled positive transformation in them with her empathetic and optimistic approach. 
In her pursuit to add value to life of people, she developed BFFS training programs. Today, she is dedicated to help people of all ages to know the ways to break free from stress and live a joyful life. As a facilitator, she has delivered number of programs with various educational institutions and corporate houses. She has a great sense of humor, is an exceptional story teller, spiritually intelligent and effective communicator. Her sessions are highly energetic and interactive. 
She believes that “Humans are ruled by thoughts, and thoughts can be changed”.