When we get hurt by thorns, what we do?

Take it out and let it heal, or do we allow thorns to reside in our body and be a part of it.

Do we get attached to the thorns?

Definitely, not. We don’t allow it to be a permanent part of our body and we want to get rid of it at the earliest. We can never fall in love with these thorns, we never get attached to these thorns and we want to get them away from us.

But, why we can’t live with the thorns?

Because we know that if we will allow it to be inside, it will continue hurting and paining. It can do no good to our body. Also, depending on the type of thorn, there may be chances of poison being spread to entire body. We don’t want to take a chance and risk our body. So, better take it out and let it go.

Then why do we follow a different approach in case of thorns, which should be better described as PAINFUL THOUGHTS, related to unhappy events of our life, to be a permanent part of our body. Just like painful thorns these mournful thoughts are going to make our life miserable, they are going to spread the poison in our entire body, they are going to destroy our body and emotions. They are doing no good to us.

Then why we don’t take them out of our body, why allow them to reside in our mind and allow them to make a permanent place there.

Why can’t we follow the same approach for these painful thoughts as well?

From today onwards, let us start following the same approach. Let us take out all these thorns out of our body and be at peace. Let these painful thoughts of past be not allowed to enter our future. Let them be here only. Let us not allow them to be a part of us anymore.


Past is gone, future is on,
Don’t regret, for what has gone.
Believe in god, he is there,
Give one BIG SMILE and take care.