January 1,

A special date in everyone’s dairy.. Marking the start of a fresh new year, gifted from GOD…..

Another year of hopes,
Another year of dreams,
Another year of opportunities,
Another year of growth….

Today morning when I was sitting with my pen and dairy to set goal for this new beginning, after long thought process, I felt something different…

Why January 1?

Why not December 31?

The date that marks the end of the year of achievements.

Date to analyse journey till date,
Date to evaluate decisions taken,
Date to assess our competencies,
Date to plan further……

To continue with the journey and be on path of achieving more without a break.

Its not important to set goals, its important to achieve goals.

Celebrate the new beginning, but don’t forget the achievements.

Let us decide that, this year when we reach December 31 in our calendar, we will make sure that we have the

feeling of fulfillment,
feeling of accomplishment,
feeling of completion,
feeling of gratefulness…

Happy new beginning to all the readers….