Your health status is determined by taking a total of your Physical wellbeing, Mental wellbeing and Social wellbeing.

Physical fitness is determined by quality of your life and can be attained mainly by three things: Diet, exercise and lifestyle. Eating healthy, exercising regularly and maintaining healthy lifestyle (no smoking, etc.) can ensure your physical fitness.

Mental wellbeing is determined by the quality of your thoughts. A positive person is a fruit of all seasons. Every person has to face challenges in life, but those who are mentally fit will find it easy to sail through and will also help others to sail through.

Social wellbeing is determined by the quality of your connections (friends and relatives). A connected person is well supported person. If your heart thinks about others and you have the sense of belonging, you are socially fit.

Assess yourself on these three parameters and try to improve your health if there is the need.

May god bless each one of us, with good health.


 — feeling positive.