Yesterday, I met a lady, who is working full time for a 9 to 6 job. Her 6 year old daughter named Nancy, is looked after by her nanny, when she is in office.
The lady labeled herself as a bad mom, as she could not develop good habits in Nancy. After a long discussion, I could find out that her worry was that, Nancy don’t eat on time, don’t change her clothes on time, don’t put her plates in the sink after eating, don’t clean her room after playing, don’t sleep without listening to story and so on.

I then asked her about some good things Nancy does, it was, Nancy hugs her tightly when she reaches home and is happy to see her parents, she loves to play with other kids and never fights with them, she shares her meal with the nanny and try to add more to nanny’s plate, she helps in household chores whenever asked for (thou little efforts), she tells many self made stories, she daily updates her about her day, she loves to go to temple and donate.

Finally, I ensured her, that she is doing a fantastic job as a mother, by imbibing good values in Nancy.

Habits may keep on changing throughout life, but it is the values that builds the foundation. Circumstances may be, good or bad, but a person with strong values will always stand high between the turbulent storms.

Focus on developing values, not habits of your kids.

To all lovely Moms, break free from stress.