Don’t make efforts to be happy, just be happy.

I was having discussion with Ms. X (let us focus on the message and not the name) yesterday. She was very upset, due to long list of her problems, which didn’t seem to be so critical to me. 

So, I asked her, what will make you happy? She said when my daughter will get married, I will be happy. 

So, you want to say that your daughter’s marriage will be the end of all your worries? She paused for a moment and replied, “How can I say that?”

Then how can you say that your daughter’s marriage will make you happy? Your happiness should not be linked to an achievement or an event. Let your happiness be independent. When you make efforts to be happy, you are always in search of those moments that can make you happy.

“When I will go on Holiday, I will be happy.”
“When I get promotion, I will be happy.”
“When my kids will grow up, I will be happy.”
“When my sales increases, I will be happy.”
And the list never ends…

Why wait for happiness, why not start practising being happy now only. Why look for the reasons to be happy. If you find it difficult to be happy, just do something to make others happy, and that happiness will come back to you. The more you give, the more you get back.

Don’t run after happiness, just be in present and enjoy the moment. Appreciate what you have and don’t focus on have nots. 
Life is too short to waste it on hunt for happiness. Happiness is not the goal, it’s the part of life.Embrace every moment happily, try to be in acceptance mode and not denial mode.

Remember: If you are not happy now, you will not be happy then.

So, Just be HAPPY!!!