Has it ever happened to you when someone has knocked at your door and you didn’t want to open door for them.

After some continuous knocks on the door, you did not reply and they ended up returning back, without entering your place, because you did not want them to enter.  So you didn’t open your doors to them. You saw them returning from your door.

How you felt after that?

Happy, Relaxed and at peace…

The same principle should be applied daily for the disturbing thoughts which want to enter into your mind.

Don’t open the door of your mind for them, don’t let those thoughts enter your mind and let them knock hard on your door. Finally when the door doesn’t open, they will have to return.

Start practicing it now, to be at peace with yourself.

You can easily identify the disturbing thoughts which are not going to add anything to your life. Why to entertain them?

Just Don’t open the door to them. Let them go away.