Who likes to fail?

“No one” 

But the reality is, failure is more evident than success.  We all must have faced failure at least once in our life, and it feels really bad. Whether it is a failure in career or failure in relationships, failure in professional life or failure in personal life, failure of any kind and any variety is always disgusting. Failure makes you feel helpless, shattered, devastated, demotivated, frustrated, distressed and depressed. 

When you fail, you engulf yourself with the feeling of sadness and your world becomes so gloomy.  

At that time, just let the feeling of lowness prevail for some time, don’t force it to fade. But also, don’t let it stay forever. Failure is a part of life, just like some disease. Don’t carry failures as a burden throughout your life, don’t make it a cancer. 

Snooze for some time and don’t go into the power off mode.

Spend time to analyze the failure, rethink, rework and strategize again to bounce back. Learn from the failures and redefine success.

“BOUNCE BACK” with more enthusiasm.

Most of the success stories of the world, are the stories of failure. It is easy to fail, but difficult to rise again to succeed. A person who have never failed, have never learnt anything new. Failure is the best teacher.

Be failureproof.  

Enjoy life.