Have you ever wondered why kids love toys so much?
The moment they see a toy, happiness on their faces is worth noticing.

As kids we all must have enjoyed the company of toys. We must have desired to own that ONE toy which we were never able to get. And then we grew up, with that desire still in our hearts.

Toys are the stress busters which help us to distract from the negative thoughts cluttering our mind. Toys help us to visualise, to distract and to relax.

If by any chance you have lived a childhood having no love for toys, then there is a range of stress buster toys available to sooth your stressed nerves. They are called the STRESS BUSTER TOYS. They include fidgeting toys, pressing toys, emotion out toys and attention diverter toys.

Next time when sitting in a meeting, you feel like playing with your pen, go and buy a nice fidgeting toy – fidget spinner or a fidget cube.

When under pressure your fist becomes tight, go out and buy a nice pressing toy – squeezy smiley ball.

When in stress, you feel like hitting wall or throwing out your stuff, just go and buy emotion out toy –  a punching bag.

When you feel frustrated after thinking thinking and lot of thinking, just go and buy attention diverter toy – magnetic blocks to divert your attention and distract from disturbing thoughts.

Just get up today and treat yourself with your favourite toy.

Bring back the toys in your life and make life toyful and joyful..

Happy you, will result in happy yours..

Love yourself..