About Us


To guide people of all ages, around the world to be stress free and encourage them to have joyful life.


› To guide people on their journey from stressed out to chilled out, before they become prone to depression.

› Providing safe, natural and easy to follow strategies to equip people with necessary skills to combat stress.

› To empower people to take charge of their wellbeing.

The Founder: Ms. Poonam Madaan

Her Life Story

After being an outstanding student in her school and college days, she started working as Chartered Accountant at the age of 21 years. After having exposure to corporate world for more than 7 years, her passion towards teaching made her to take a bold step of making career switch from finance professional to a faculty member.

She has been working as an educator and trainer since 2009. She became a certified corporate trainer to guide people at large. When she was researching for the most sought after area in which people require training, she found that, most of the people lack an experience in “How to de-stress”. Nowadays, stress is becoming an epidemic and is severely affecting everyone, especially the youth. So, she began on a journey to pull together tried and tested, practical, easy to follow methods to destress, leading to the birth of Break Free From Stress Program. Today, she is dedicated to help people of all ages to know the ways to come out of stress and promote wellbeing.

Her Experience

She is a Life Skills Coach, Certified Corporate Trainer, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Qualified Finance Expert. She has experience in various walks of life. From being a Chartered Accountant, to faculty member, to certified trainer, to laughter yoga teacher, have added a lot of value & exposure to her career. She has inspired many people towards self-introspection and enabled positive transformation in them with her empathetic and optimistic approach. She has a good sense of humour and deep interest in spirituality. Apart from being an excellent story teller, she loves to connect with people and to add value to people’s lives.

Her Qualifications and Certification

She qualified Chartered Accountancy in her first attempt in the year 2003 and started her career with Honda Cars and moved on to work with DCM Shriram. In 2009, she made a career move and got empanelled as faculty for CA students. She has been associated with the Insitute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) as an educator and Trainer since 2009.

Her Certifications include:

› Chartered Accountant
› Certified Corporate Trainer
› Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
› Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
› Certified Mindfulness Practitioner
› Certified Reiki Practitioner