Happiness is a state of mind. If you want to be happy with yourself, first accept the way you are. Your happiness is your own responsibility. You cannot depend on others for your own happiness. When you want to be happy, do whatever makes you happy.

Here’s the list of things you can do to make yourself happy. Have a look.

Accept yourself: Self-acceptance is the first step towards happiness. Self-acceptance means accepting your body image, skin colour, failure, success, income and social status. If you accept yourself, you will start feeling happy and confident.

Live in the present: If you want to be happy, don’t live in your past and stop worrying about the future. Live in the present. Find happiness in small things in the present.  Don’t blame yourself for the wrong things you did in the past. Forget, forgive yourself and move on. Believe today is good, tomorrow will be better.


Take a small break from social media: When you spend most of your time on social media, you knowingly or unknowingly, start comparing your life with your social media friends. This lowers your self-esteem.  Take a small break from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites and spend time with yourself.

Be grateful:  Start your day with gratitude. Sense of gratitude makes you happy. Stop complaining, be grateful for what you have. Show your gratitude to those people who have helped you. They may be your friends, colleagues, neighbours or any other people. Dedicate a little time for them. Talk to them. You can call or message them. Try to help them back. This would make you happy..


Spend time with nature: Nature is beneficial for your emotional health. Spend a lot of time with nature. Keep yourself close to nature. You don’t need to be a gardener for that. Be an observer. Watch the sunrise, hear the chirping of birds.  Don’t bind yourself indoors. Once in a day, go for a walk in the park. All these would boost your mood and make you happy.

Find and cultivate your passion: Passion makes you happy. Do a self-assessment, find your passion and cultivate it.  Ask yourself what you are interested in. Spend at least 30 mins a day for that. This would increase your energy level and boost your happiness.


Take care of your health: Self-care is the act of self-love. Eat well and exercise regularly. If your body is happy, your mind will be happy. Eating balanced food and regular exercise release feel-good hormones and make you happy.

Laugh every day: Laughing doesn’t cost a single penny. When you laugh, feel-good chemicals are released. This would make you happy and keep you positive throughout the day.

Follow these tips and take the charge of your own HAPPINESS!!! To elevate your happiness quotient, be a part of our workshop “Own Your Happiness”. To know more, email us: bffs.poonam@gmail.com